i started baking when i was 9. my first attempt was a sponge cake but i added too much margarine (yes i am ashamed that i once baked with margarine but forgive me…i was young). the results were a dense heavy cake with a layer of bubbled over margarine on the top. fortunately i was not disheartened. the main reason i started baking is so i could eat as much batter as i wanted…without my mother scolding me about getting worms. mothers!

i continued baking…becoming more adventurous and ultimately enjoying the fruits of my labour. i have since gotten a degree in chemical engineering and now baking is my therapy. my science mind likes to figure out the rhyme and reason of how differing recipe quantities and ingredients can give you a different result or not.

i love researching recipes, figuring out if they will work and tweaking until i’m happy with the final product.

i hate wasting. i very rarely will undertake a recipe if i haven’t convinced myself that the method and ratios are sound. a large part of why i wanted to start this blog is to help readers figure out their own methods for sussing out internet recipes to figure out if they will work. i rarely cry over spilt milk but i will weep real tears over wasted butter, flour, sugar…

i love working with good ingredients…and butter is my personal friend.

i currently reside in cape town with a husband who cooks like a demon. we take turns making a mess in the kitchen.

i hope my posts are helpful. i hope your baking works out the way you want it to. i hope the smile on the contented faces of friends and family fills your heart with joy as it does mine.

yours in baked goods


background image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/oofate/7155279344/


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