i still can’t bake. this is starting to become a properly sad state of affairs. i start physio to rehabilitate my foot tomorrow and in short i’m scared.

i’ve been sitting here on my reading couch all day plugging away at my workload. every now and then i disappear in a daydream.

to help me cope i’ve decided to make a wish list. a list of things that i want to tackle when i’m better. something to look forward to, to focus my mind on.

so here goes…

1. gluten free banana bread
i bought some bananas about 5 weeks ago for this particular exercise. yesterday i had to do some research to find out just how black you can let a banana get because these bananas have gone the whole hog. the sites i found said to check that the flesh hadn’t gone black. it hadn’t so i have skinned and ziploc’ed them ready for freezing. lets hope this gamble works.

2. eclairs
i have tried eclairs before but knew at the time that i could do better. i think its time to try.

3. macarons
some of my good friends issued this challenge ages ago and to be honest i didn’t feel ready. being immobile for so long makes you feel like you need to take over the world in 5 seconds just to re-establish yourself as a functioning member of society. bring it! i’m ready!

4. madeleines and financiers
i have baked both of these successfully but the last time i made a batch was in january for my twin’s birthday when i arranged them croquembouche style complete with candles. i love baking these and i would love to share the experience with you.

5. a pre-birthday cake
i haven’t seen my nephew since december. he will hopefully be coming to visit at the end of august. it’ll still be a whole month before his birthday but i’m hoping to bake him something ridiculous for his 1 year (minus a month) birthday. as his aunt i reserve the right to take licence here. miss that guy like crazy.

so that’s my list. it’s good to dream. a sweet silent hope for the future when everything will be back to normal again.

lessons learnt: i like lists 🙂

additional note: my sister-in-law said to mention her in one of my posts since her brother and daughter both feature regularly. you have hereby been mentioned!


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