awards and glory…

well maybe not so much glory but work with me here. i have been nominated to participate in the infinity dream awards by the lovely and very talented Hannah of lovethelittlebakery fame. from what i can gauge i am meant to share 7 of my dreams with my readers (er…that means you) and nominate 5 other sites to carry out the same exercise. this helps us become exposed to more sites and to learn more about the people behind those sites. i like this plan.

so firstly thank you to Hannah for the nomination. it is very kind of you to have picked me.

now on to my dreams. can i just say before i get started that its a strange thing for me to put dreams down in black and white. it takes the fantasy away and makes them more tangible. you also have to scrutinise now. is this really my dream? well i have 7 so i guess i have some room to play.

1. to be the best engineer i can be. i know this is a baking blog but i love engineering just as much as i love baking. i’ve always wanted to be an engineer who can talk with clout.

2. to always be able to find happiness in life regardless of the circumstance. not sure is that is more of a wish than a dream but anyhooo.

3. to be an accomplished baker. that’s a given right?

4. to have a home (preferably victorian style) that is filled with laughter, friends and good food.

5. to see enough of the world so that i know when i have found my place in it.

6. to be able to fully express my gratitude and love for those who mean so much to me.

7. to live a quiet uncomplicated life surrounded by people i love.

i sound like a flippin’ hippy don’t i?!?

i nominate:

1. KitchenSpells

2. lili’s cakes

3. treatmesweetlie

4. foodfellowshipandwine

5. janespatisserie

hope you can all participate.

check out these great sites. all the ladies above have proved inspirational to me in both their site design and their content. its like sharing study notes with the guys who are top of your class and they don’t even look at you funny like you’re out of their league or something. sorry brief revisit of past teenage angst. happy reading, happy baking and i guess most of all happy dreaming.


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