the hunt for bundt

well a bundt pan to be exact…

my lovely and incredibly sweet neighbour bought me a baking book. annie bell’s baking bible. i am absolutely thrilled. paging through the book i immediately fall in love with the explanations and method. every possible category is covered including a wonderful section on french pastry (i secretly have this dream of being a superb baker of french things). thrilled i tell you…utterly and completely thrilled!

flipping through the book in the 5 minutes that i have before the hubby and i have to hightail it over to a friends place to watch the first episode of the new season of game of thrones (i’ve just finished reading all the books and for the first time EVER am ahead of the series…muhahahaha) my eyes rest on something familiar.

a marble bundt cake which looks remarkably like something my aunt used to bake. her version was a banana and chocolate marble covered in melted chocolate. i was crazy about melting chocolate over cakes at that age. the version in the book is vanilla and chocolate but i’m still super keen to bake this.

annie bell's marble bundt cake

annie bell’s marble bundt cake

only one small problem. the red silicon bundt tin (can you call something made of silicon a tin? but you know what i mean) is not in the kitchen. now before you start this is not like failing to prepare. i bought the bundt tin years ago and i’m pretty sure i’ve never used it. added to this moving across the country twice and almost moving to australia (which required a serious household purge) it is now gone without a trace.

so i started looking for a replacement. i didn’t feel so bad about losing it when i read that a good quality heavy duty bundt tin (made of metal) is better for baking since it allows even heat distribution. its a good thing that red silicon thing got lost.

so i looked on yuppiechef (naturally), banks and sprinkles (my local cake ingredient and baking tool supply shop). shopping online is way convenient but i like holding things to figure out if i like them. this is especially true with bakeware where the weight and finish is very important. it is worth investing in good quality bakeware. they last an age and good non-stick will make sure you never serve a broken cake that has been doused in tears of frustration.

so i was keen on masterclass, zenker and tala brands. a visit to the banks in sea point and previous experience with the masterclass range led me to believe that these brands would offer the kind of quality i was looking for. i have to say i was very impressed with the weight on the tala bakeware and will definitely be investing in some soon. tala, from what i could find on the net, does not make a bundt tin.

so my final decision was based on the actual bundt pattern. i went with the classic (and i think friendlier) pattern on the masterclass product. i placed my order this morning and i’m waiting by the door for my delivery. hurry yuppiechef hurry!

lessons learnt: don’t use so much parenthesis. it makes it really hard for the reader!

ps. will let you know how the cake turns out.


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