this is not a poetry blog

i have been quite engrossed in this blogging thing that i’ve recently taken up. yesterday i immersed myself in the wordpress community and i came up inspired. i used to write poetry as part of an adolescent coping mechanism but the fountain has dried over the years with only momentary relapses into rhyming. today the relapse was distinct. as with all my previous poems this managed to pour out of me. for the controlling engineer type that i am, poetry is a way to channel my heart’s desire. to get back in touch.

i wish i was a rock-a-bye
floating in the breeze
dancing on the fluffy clouds
napping in the trees

i wish i was a there-there-now
cooing you to sleep
bundling you in love and care
swaddling you in peace

i wish i was a mother’s voice
the reassurance that you seek
the rock on which you can stand tall
the bullhorn through which you speak

i wish i was a rock-a-bye
unleashed to wander free
yet grounded enough to keep you near
to hold you close to me.


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